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Why more homeowners are ditching Estate Agents for DIY selling

Why more homeowners are ditching Estate Agents for DIY selling

Why more homeowners are ditching Estate Agents for DIY selling 

It's no secret that homeowners across the world are shunning the slick sales tact of Estate Agents in favor of direct selling solutions. With a string of world-class apps and platforms connecting buyers and sellers to the information they need to mortgage, buy, or rent, people are seeing less need to pay outlandish commission fees and shoulder advertising costs on online property portfolios for a sell that's not always in their favor. If you're thinking – but unsure – whether you want to take the plunge and sell yourself, consider these benefits: 

90 percent of housing searches start online 

When was the last time you went to high-street Estate Agency before checking with Google first? Can't remember? Neither can we. Bricks and mortar agencies are fading into the woodwork, replaced by powerful online search engines and local websites that connect you to the information you need at a click of a button. 

Fast and direct

No middlemen. By selling direct, you're connecting straight to prospective tenants or buyers. With no commission fees or the biased opinions of Estate Agents, both parties are free to negotiate and reach a speedy agreement that suits you both and not a third party.  


No one knows your property better than you. Regardless of whether you're leasing or selling, you have the best idea of whom might be the perfect candidate. Instead of leaving to Estate Agents to screen and decide on your behalf, you can stipulate who can view your property, and organize a time for viewings that fits your schedule – no back and forth emails needed!


As well having command over who and when your viewers may see your property, you set the pace of the tour and what is said. While this might seem daunting to some, it's a task that could see your house sold indefinitely. Buyers and tenants have wised-up to the promises and tricks of selling professionals and are far more likely to trust the insights of the landowner themselves who know the property – and all its facilities – best. 


Estate Agents work 9-6. Websites are constantly advertising your property no matter the hour. 

No pressure

You decide who and when you sell to. No more pesky calls from Estate Agents haranguing you about a potential sell on an offer you've not had time to consider. 


You're not alone. Selling online might seem like an intimidating task, but most platforms are designed to help you. From offering professional photos to marketing support and beyond, you'll be guided by experts in the field and pointed to any key information you need to know about selling in your region. 


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